Tuesday, October 7, 2014

shah alam rule!

Hell yeah..! Lamanya tak masuk sini.. Kohkohkohkoh. Nothing much to talk about. Im still the same Zati. Getting old and always make things become bored. Blergh. Wondering when i can be the person who make everyone happy rather than make everyone boring with my attitude, myself and everything. Hiargh.

Ouh yeah, im now in Shah Alam, literally lah because right now in my home at Penang for mid term break. 

Life in Shah Alam? Its suck! Class need me to walk till my underarms sweat, food so pricey with the shit taste, no transport to go here and there and im alone! I barely talk with people accept with Yuyu, my roomate, friend from UiTM Merbok. Yeah, i got new friends there but i put a space with them. Only meet up at class. I just dont want new friend maybe.

Thank god i got Apiet there, he always come to me all the way from Cheras. He save me from drown in boring stay in room all days. *muahciked.

Kahkahkah muah ciked so suck but people including me always use the words. Ceh.

But soon Apiet will going back to north. I just dont like it!

So, what else? Nothing for now maybe. Just keep praying i can survive this degree life. Maybe dean list every sem. So the ptptn will turn to scholarship. Huaaahuaaa.. 

Ok bai!

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